When it comes to the joint supporting power of Glyco FLEX®, there's no otherproduct on the market that can measure up.

It's not just an advanced joint support formula. It's a formula that helps alleviate pain. It's a formula that supports play, activity and a life well lived.

AND Glyco FLEX® is clinically proven to support hind leg strength.

Dogs showed a 41% increase in just four weeks!

Glyco FLEX® is the only clinically proven Perna green-lipped mussel based formula available.

What You Get

Your animals get all the nutrients of the whole food Perna mussel with each Glyco FLEX® chew.

Benefits of GlycoFlex®

Offers cellular-level support for your pet’s joint comfort and total mobility.
Helps support joint fluid thickness and flexibility.
41% increase in hind leg strength in four weeks*

With 40 years of research and the quality experiences of thousands of dogs and cats in the books, Glyco FLEX® has everything you want in a joint formula.